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Welcome to the show!

We are glad you are visiting our web page today!  Timeless Wavelength is a family broadcasting team spanning three generations.  Father, son and grandson unite to bring you perspectives from Baby Boomer, Generation X to Millennial.  We're here to entertain, inform and have a lot of fun in the process.  Thank you for joining us!

Our Story

Hello friends!  Mike here...  The real story of how the show has come to fruition is that I wanted to do something like this for many years, but was unable to convince my Dad that it was an idea worth pursuing.  At long last, I wore him down and he agreed to come on board.  Let's just say timing is everything!  My son, Nathan was an easy sell.  He was game from moment one.  Thank you for making it easy on me, son!  The dream has become reality as this unique team has assembled for your entertainment!

Meet the Team

Here we are!  The Dream Team in all our glory!  Three generations of Eckert men!  We call it like we see it.  No B.S.

Gary Eckert

The orignal.  The Doc.  Baby Boom

The eldest Eckert and only one of us possessing a PhD (or any degree even close to that).  Representing the Baby Boomers

Mike Eckert

The Host.  The Eck Man.  Gen X

Mike is the creator and host of Timeless Wavelength.  He is the man in the middle and represents Generation X

Nathan Eckert

The Kid.  The stud.  The millennial.

Nathan is the youngest and most physically formidable of us by far.  He'll meet you at the gym or for a protein shake. Millennial

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